The Secret to Great Recovery

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Getting good sleep has always a priority but it never seemed to materialize with all the daily stressors. Over the past few years I have been waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, usually around 2 to 3 o’clock in the morning and spending a couple hours thinking through the many things that I needed to tackle or the meetings I needed to attend. With the support of a special loved one we started tackling this issue and I feel there are two things that I have learned that I wanted to share about this topic.

  1. Getting great sleep is absolutely essential and for those who are fortunate to get it- having good sleeping habits is absolutely essential. One thing that I have been incorporating is pre-gaming (not the way you think haha). Before heading to bed I spend ten quick minutes walking through my day visualizing what I planned to do and what I needed to achieve. This process helps reduce the anxiety of “what will I do tomorrow” and it also helps relax the subconscious as we walk through the details of tomorrow’s events.
  2. The visualization component is key as it helps set the rhythm and pace, though to be truly effective it needs to be documented so a journal becomes the extension of your subconscious. I have found that planning the next day on paper, broken out by the hour, has relieved a lot of stress from the looming question of “what will I be doing?”

In sum, this two step process is by no means meant to be rigid as life’s events happen to be quite unpredictable (especially when building a business) though for those who have really active nocturnal brains I feel this is a really cool tool to incorporate into our daily routine so that we sleep better.

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