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To define our investment thesis, we methodically analyze our markets from the top down, by studying the macro and micro trends on a local, regional and national basis. We tailor our pipeline around these parameters and choose our partners carefully, preserving our track record of above market performance. We thoroughly conduct our due diligence by evaluating all possible outcomes, including capital market strategies. At the end, we add value through our operational excellence, our intimate understanding of the space, and our boots on the ground approach to investing.

Our boots on the ground approach gives us a competitive advantage as we have local and real-world insights into the markets we invest in. Our vertically-integrated business focuses on impacting modernizing and restoring apartment communities that have long been neglected by mom-and-pop owners and passive investors. We provide our investors with an opportunity to achieve returns by repositioning inefficient assets into sustainable properties.

We place our role as fiduciaries above all other considerations. We experienced the Great Recession of 2008 first hand and realize that when an investor or lender provide us capital, they are entrusting us to make the right decisions, and to be transparent in all matters of importance. We strive to impact our communities while achieving the returns our investors require.

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